Throughout my life I always had an issue when something was being described as nude.  Particularly because the colour nude often refers to Caucasian skin only.  Never did nude ever translate into being nude on people like myself or other women of colour.  I remember buying brown shoes, or a brown bra to make the so-called ‘nude’ shade for myself.

Leave it to the shoe master, Christian Louboutin to jump on this concept and create an entire collection of shoes called The Nudes, available in five shades and five different styles.  The collection is appropriately dubbed 5 Shades of Nude which some say is a play on words with the book 50 Shades of Gray.  There is even an app called Louboutin Shades you can get where you snap a photo of your foot and it will help determine which colour is best suited for you. CLICK HERE FOR APP

Louboutin believes that every woman should have a shoe that fits into her wardrobe effortlessly.  He says, ‘These shoes disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette. It should not remove the attention away from the legs or what she is currently wearing, it should give her an extra lift’.


Unfortunately the collection is only in limited supply.  They can be ordered online or in specific Louboutin stores.  They retail for $625 USD.

Available at:

  • Chicago
  • Miami Horatio
  • Madison
  • Sydney
  • Sao Paul
  • Robertson
  • Geneva
  • Moun
  • Saint-Honore
  • Jean-jacques Rouseau
  • Singapore

For the woman who cannot afford the price tag on Louboutins, you can rest assured that other companies will very likely follow suit and create their own less expensive versions of the product.  At present women like myself, just purchase brown shoes in order to get a nude shoe.  But of course not everyone is able to find that.  Hopefully by offering an array of choices women will be able to step into their own pair of nudes no matter the brand or the cost.

Louboutin Shades APP



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