Take a good look at the photo above.  Many people fail to recognize how much power they really have.   We are more powerful than we think.  Just consider the historical changes and revolutions that have taken place in history.  People working together towards a common goal can topple a leader who was once thought to be invincible.    When you look at the image above, notice the man at the podium stands over the edge of a cliff and will fall if every single person on the other side chooses to walk away from the platform holding him up.

The illustration truly demonstrates that the people have power.  A leader must always be aware of the needs and desires of the people being led.  At the same time as a people we should be aware of everything a leader says and critical of what they do.  Are their actions matching what they say?  Do you as an individual agree with what is at hand?  Being a leader is no easy task.  It’s the pinnacle of being on top but at the same time it is perhaps one of the most vulnerable positions to be in.

What are your thoughts?



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