It’s the weekend and despite the fact many people do not have to work, we are still strongly connected to the things we do at work.  The internet, mobile devices and social media are what we use not only in our every day lives but also for our work lives too.  It can become exhausting, draining and sometimes downright addictive.

Think about it.  Most people look at their mobile phones to check for messages or social media posts before they do anything else in their day.  Many people sleep with their mobile devices by their beds.  Some even under their pillow!

So now that today is Saturday, why not choose to disconnect at some point today or tomorrow.  It will probably be one of the most difficult things for you to do.  We are all so used to being wired into the world that to take a break seems like an eternity sometimes.  Trust me I understand.  But sometimes even if it is just for an hour or two, you’ll realize that some of those emails, posts and messages that you didn’t see right away are not as urgent as it may seem.  You can afford to have some time to relax decompress and maybe watch a movie.  That’s even become a lost art at times.  I have seen people in the theatre looking at their phones while they should be watching the flick on the screen.

I challenge you today to stay away from your mobile device, laptop, desktop etc.  Everyone needs a break sometimes.



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