Nude Ballet Flats from Louboutin


All too often in the world of fashion and beauty the term ‘nude’ is often synonymous with only one skin tone – ivory/white skin.  Finally over the last few years companies are beginning to realize that not all shades of nude are that colour.


In 2013, Christian Louboutin embraced that reality with the launch of the brand’s nudes collection of heels.  Now the company has expanded the product line to include the Solasofia, a classic ballerina flat.

[Click here for Louboutin Nude Heels]

Available is seven shades of nude, the new shoe is made to feel so soft and flexible it’s like a second skin.  The shoe retails at $595 USD and will surely sell as quickly as the Pigalle Goillies 100 and Senora 100, which have remained popular since being launched.


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