I adore the way President Barack Obama shows and expresses his love for his wife Michelle Obama.  He has the biggest public platform in the world and never shies away from letting the world know how much he loves his wife.  Public displays of affection are something that women especially cherish.

When a man publicly declares what he feels for a woman, it’s evident that he is truly smitten and adores her.  It also shows a level of respect, and admiration not only for her but for the value of the relationship.  Men should not be afraid to honour their women through publicly acknowledging who she is and how important she is to him and his life.  When a man is embarrassed to talk about who his woman is it is usually a bad sign of his level of commitment to the relationship.  Steve Harvey is the author of two successful relationship books, Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man and Straight Talk, No Chaser and he has stated a number of times that a man will publicly declare you as his when he is serious.  Men are territorial and that’s his way of marking his territory.

Showing love can come in so many different forms other than romantic.  It can also be in friendships and other family relationships.  It’s truly about more than just saying the words.  Rather it’s more about how your actions display the love you have expressed verbally.  Everyone receives and gives love in different ways.  Some show it when they buy gifts.  Others show it through the things they do for you and someone else may show love by how much time they spend and sacrifice for you.  In the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, he explores the various ways people show love to one another.

Remember that fostering healthy, loving relationships with the people in our lives is more than what we say.  It’s actually more about what we do to show our love.


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