Protect Your Eyes from Damage.

If you use computers, tablets and mobile phones at a high rate, your eyesight is being affected. I truly believe my recent need for reading glasses is not just age related, but also a result of extensive hours using a computer at work, at home and my mobile device. I’ll never forget the day my eyes were killing me after a long day staring at the computer and then going outdoors into bright sunshine. I felt like my eyes were in total shock. It was a sensation I’d never experienced and it was quite uncomfortable. My eyes felt sensitivity to the light and the pain when I would read was awful.

I saw an optometrist shortly after and was told I needed reading glasses with a screen protection.

Since then, I’ve been reading a number of articles about how our eyes are being affected by the light radiated from our screens.

Back in the day parents used to say, “Don’t sit so close to the TV. You’ll ruin your eyes.” Do you remember your parents saying that to you? There was some truth to that. Now it’s worse because our screens are just inches away from our face. Some of us sit at a computer for 8 hours or more and then look at our mobile device screens for hours too.

Symptoms of digital eyestrain, fatigue and light sensitivity is increasingly becoming a problem. I found a website with some good information about how your eyes are affected;

Blue light that’s emitted from devices passes through the cornea and lens of the eye and eventually hits the retina, which can affect vision and result in premature aging of the eyes.

Anyone who with a high usage of computers should actually be wearing protective glasses that have a filter to shield your eyes from potential damage when using your devices. I got new pairs of reading glasses designed to protect the eyes. They were very inexpensive so I wondered how effective they’d be.

So far my eyestrain has reduced in the 2 days since wearing them. They have reduced the glare and my eyes don’t hurt as much.

My only complaint so far is the frames are smaller than I prefer. I like bigger frames.

Stylish reading glasses.

If you want to try the pair I have on in this photo, click the link below. I got them on Amazon.

Click this link to buy!


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