Live Your Life and Prosper


Last week I was thinking about the mortality of life. It sounds morbid, but I was thinking about the fact that one day we all die. Rich or poor. Wealthy or poverty. Famous or unknown. Black or white. Asian or Aboriginal.

We all die one day.

We don’t know when or how, but none of us can escape it. I think it’s been on my mind particularly because the eleven year anniversary of my father’s death is approaching. Hard to believe he’s been gone so long. Also thinking about his brother, my uncle who died 15 years ago. Because of these thoughts I recognize now more than ever that I want a long life. Last year my paternal grandmother died at age 105. The previous year my maternal grandmother died before her 90th.

As I ponder life, I think we should all live by this mantra I am going to say. This is my own quote,

“Live your life as if you’ll see 100 years, but live your life as if you’ll die tomorrow.”

-Ivy Prosper

This two step way of living will have you living a fruitful life filled with pure joy.

1. Live like you’ll see 100.

This right here is about planning. Most people work all their lives and retire sometime in their sixties and haven’t planned for the many years ahead. With longer lifespans that means you could live an additional 15 – 20 even 30 years after retirement.

So put a plan in place to prepare for what lies ahead. That way you’re not struggling to get by in your later years.

I know someone who inherited a large sum of money when his father died. He chose to blow through all the money because as far as he was concerned he could die tomorrow so he may as well enjoy the money and live lavishly. He was broke within a few short months.

Had e taken the mindset that he will live a long life, he would have been more wise with how he managed his money. This is part of living as if you’ll see 100.

You should also take care of your body so you help prevent potential illness which can make you suffer as you age. You only have one body to live in. There’s no trade-in.

Give up those bad habits affecting your health, but indulge in the treats you love once in awhile.

Everything in moderation.

2. Live as if You’ll Die tomorrow.

This sounds depressing and scary, but it’s essentially the way to learn how to cherish every moment you have. We truly don’t know if we will have a tomorrow.

If you can, tell the people you love, how you feel. Let them know how much you care in your words and your actions. Don’t go to bed, angry at someone. Do your best to be at peace.

Show love to others in your words and your actions.

Notice all the beautiful things that you don’t usually pay attention to. Look up from your mobile device and admire the beauty of the world around you. I am guilty of looking at my phone and missing the world around me.

I snapped this photo on a road trip.

The other day on a road trip, I put my phone down and admired the beauty of the landscape as the vehicle I was in drove. I saw changes I hadn’t noticed before and the beauty of lush green trees as we left the metropolitan city.

When you behave as if you may not have a tomorrow, you’ll learn to find the joy in every moment and live with love in your heart.

When you use this two step way of living, not only will you live a full life, but you’ll live a prosperous one. Being prosperous isn’t always about wealth, but it’s about good living.

Live your life and prosper.


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