5 Ways to Wear Fishnets This Season


Fishnets have the ability to look fabulous or tacky depending on how you wear them. This trend seems to be everywhere now and has a little bit of an 80s and 90s flair that’s incredibly cool.

If you haven’t worn these before, you may not have a clue how to add this trend into your wardrobe.

Here’s some help on how you can wear fishnets this season.

1. Under ripped jeans.

Image: Pinterest

Grab your favourite pair of ripped jeans and wear them over your fishnet stockings. This is one of the coolest ways to wear them. Go the extra mile by finding a pair with added lace or jewel details to really make a statement with this look.

2. As Socks

I love fishnet socks because you can easily wear them with your trousers. You can also wear them as anklets with a pair of pumps and a skirt. This is perfect way to ease into this trend if you’re not ready to go all out with a full pair of fishnet hosiery.

Tumblr image.

3. With Dresses and Skirts

Choose smaller fine patterns for a more low-key sophisticated or professional look for the office.

Choose the larger mesh design to bring out the more rock n’ roll or punk flavour.

Whatever you choose, it all depends on your personal style how you rock it.

4. Show of Your Waist

This is one look I’ve seen all over Pinterest and Instagram. Not my style, but some women have found a way to make it their own.

5. Embellished


Glam up your legs with a pair embellished with everything from jewels to lace.

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