Don’t Fear Failure


A new year is upon us and that means most of us are evaluating where we are now compared to the beginning of last year. I admit I’m doing the same thing. Most of the New Year’s resolutions people started last January are now broken and long forgotten. How many did you keep?

When you sit down and look at where you are today compared to January 1, 2015, are you in the same place? Have any real changes or developments happened that you had hoped for? To have to say to yourself, “Wow, a whole lot hasn’t changed in the past year.”  It can be a little disheartening.  If you’re a person who thrives on reaching goals, you are probably disappointed. It might even cause you to be a little fearful about what’s to come in the future.

The fear you have is one that should push you to the next level. How? Well, you should be afraid to end up in the same place next year at this time, as you are now.  I recently watched Oprah’s Master Class which featured Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Roc’.  He spoke about an experience as a young boy when the family was getting evicted and how that drives him to never want to experience that ever again.  The fear of being in that position again keeps him from ever ending up there.  For you, the thought or fear of being or doing the same thing next year should be the fuel to push you.  Begin making the choices necessary going forward that will push you towards the continuing goals.

On the opposite side, some of you have had great successes and are truly in a different place than you were last year. That’s awesome. You managed to implement all the right things to get to where you are now. Don’t stop. Just because all is well doesn’t mean it’s time to relax and do nothing. It’s just as easy to fall. Keep at it and you will see yourself in an even better place next year.

No matter where you are, keep pushing yourself so you don’t end up in the same place in January 2017.


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