RELATIONSHIPS | Why Breakfast is Better than a Dinner Date

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You met that interesting person last week at the coffee shop as you waited in the long line and somehow you both got to talking. After a delightful conversation you agreed to exchange contact info and began chatting every day since.  That was Monday morning.  It’s now Friday and you’re wondering about the first date, which you’ve already talked about.  A few suggestions have been thrown on the table, but it’s the usual; dinner, movies or drinks at the local bar.  If you’re tired of the same old routine when it comes to dating, it’s probably time to go out of your comfort zone.

On your next date do something out of the ordinary and make it a breakfast or brunch.  This gives you the chance to be less constricted and a little more relaxed.  If you’ve never thought of it before, here are five reasons a breakfast date is better than dinner.

1. It’s less expensive.

If you’re the one footing the bill, this is a huge reason a breakfast date is much better.  Especially if this is a first date, the last thing you want is to spend a large amount of money when you don’t even know if there will be a second date. These days dinner, drinks and a movie for two can run up to almost $200. With breakfast, you can trust that even the most expensive item on the menu won’t break you like a 3-course meal for dinner.

2. It’s more relaxed.

Getting dressed for a breakfast date isn’t the same as going for dinner. It’s certainly more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you should show up in sweatpants. You should still put some effort in, after all it’s still a date.  A pair of your favourite jeans and a decent top will have you covered.

Because it’s a more laid back and casual atmosphere, it also makes the conversation flow so much easier. You can really get to know each other better.

3. You Still Have the Rest of The Day

When the date is in the morning it means you can actually limit the time spent because you have the whole day ahead of you. Before you even arrive you can let your date know you have another commitment at 1pm. That allows you to control how much time you spend. That means if things aren’t going so well you can easily leave and still have the rest of your day to do whatever you want.

On the positive side, if things go well and you don’t mind spending a few more hours with this person, you could.

4. Nobody Gets Drunk

Eating early typically means, juice, coffee or tea.  The likelihood of someone getting tipsy is not very high.  Everyone has a clear head and nobody stands the chance of making a fool out of themselves because of having one too many drinks.

5. Low Expectations

With breakfast dates, the expectations of inviting someone back to your place or to go somewhere else for a ‘nightcap’ are not there.




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