Armed and Beautifully Dangerous

Black Widow necklace available in various lengths. Single or double strands. Prices vary. Coin necklace available in-store only.

Up and Armed Jewellery

Are you ready for your next party?  Or perhaps you have a gala event coming up.  Arm your body with hand-crafted jewellery made by a kickass lady who stands for the empowerment of women.  Desiree Girlato is a self-taught jewellery designer who isn’t afraid to be herself and challenge the ideas and notions of society that hold women back.  Giralto launched Up and Armed jewellery in 2011.  As an upstart business, she initially started working from home before opening up her current store located at 1024 Dundas West in the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood of Toronto.

Aquila Drop Quartz Necklace $200, Aquila Chain $130

In first meeting her, she initially appears to be this quiet, soft-spoken young woman.   Until you start to speak with her and hear her refer to the “Badass women” of the world who are doing great things.  Her passion about what she does shows in every creation.  Giralto is all about empowering women and freedom of expression.  She is all about seizing the day with your own sense of style.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the office or for a night out on the town.  You can work her designs into your wardrobe.

Giralto sources stones used in her jewellery from around the world.  She also concentrates on using brass and sterling silver as the foundation in the majority of her pieces.  Many are quite intricate and are masterpieces in their own right.  Designed to adorn the female body these accessories not only add to your outfit, but are their own pieces of art.


Taking a look around her shop (or website), you’ll find an eclectic mix of items that are modern yet take inspiration from vintage eras gone by.  You don’t have to be in Toronto to adorn yourself with one of these fabulous pieces.  Hit the website and find the perfect armor for yourself. (ships worldwide)



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