How to Be Warm and Stylish in Winter


Staying stylish during the winter months can often be a challenge. The key to keeping warm is layering. The more layers you have, the warmer you’ll be.  Sometimes this is difficult because layering knits can be so bulky you can’t even get your coat on.

I have a chunky knit cardigan that looks fabulous layered over my outfits and it’s so warm. But the thickness makes it challenging when putting my coat on. My arms are so tight squeezing into my coat.  If you know you’re going to need a lot of layers it’s best to find a coat that is looser in the fit or choose a style that is less tailored.

The best way to keep warm is with your foundation items like thermal undergarments. You might think they look a little nerdy, but trust me they are a saving grace on those super cold days of winter.  There are plenty of companies that make traditional ‘long johns’ in modern fabrics that aren’t as thick as they used to be if you’re worried about being too bulky. You  can also just wear extra tank tops or t-shirts under your clothing for those added layers of warmth.

The best way to stay warm starts with your feet. Pick a pair of boots, thermal socks or liners that will keep your toes from frostbite in freezing temperatures. You’ll notice that when your feet are cold, your body feels it even more. It’s also very important to cover your head to keep all the body heat from escaping. If you don’t want to mess up your hair too much try a pair of earmuffs and wear a coat with a hood. You can avoid ‘hat head’ like this.


Bottom line is staying stylish can be a challenge when it’s cold. Sometimes we end up sacrificing style for function. But you can still look great while staying warm too. Just remember to layer, protect your feet and cover your head.


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