My Style | Gap Denim

Hat from Wal-Mart, sunglasses from Designer Depot, Earrings purchased from a vendor at an outdoor festival.

One of the biggest challenges as a tall woman is finding pants (trousers) and jeans long enough.  The average woman only has a 30″ inseam, which means most stores consider 32″ to be longer and 34″ is usually considered tall.  For a woman as tall as myself, the 34″ inseams still don’t quite make the cut. Especially since I wear heels most of the time and I’d rather my pants not be ‘floods’.  The look of a cropped pant only works in the warmer months. Come winter, the last thing a tall woman wants are pants that barely skim her upper ankles.

In comes The Gap.  I discovered several years ago that they carried longer lengths.  Initially it was the Longs they sold in store, which were usually 34″ and on the rare occasion 35″ in length.  I did the usual tall girl move and would often look for the styles with an added hem or cuffs so that I could let them out in order to make them even longer.  Imagine my excitement when they introduced the X-tall on their website.  I remember purchasing my first pair of X-tall Long n Lean faded wash denim from the Gap online.  At the time, they only delivered to U.S. addresses and so I had them delivered to my ‘then boyfriend’s’ place, who lived in the U.S.  They now ship to Canada too, (only in selected styles) for their tall collection which also includes other items like dresses, skirts, tops and jackets.

This outfit is one for a casual day.  So comfortable and effortless.  The Wide Leg Distressed Denim in X-tall from The Gap, worn with a basic white tank top you can find these anywhere!  My hat is from Wal-Mart and the shoes I’ve had more than five years are Abaeté for Payless.



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