My Style | Headwrap, Gauchos & Compliments


“Good morning, Empress. Have a lovely day,” said the Jamaican man at the traffic light as I crossed the street yesterday morning. What a lovely way to be greeted in the morning on my way to start the day. Shortly after a woman with beautifully styled locs said “You’re beautiful from head to toe. Your ensemble is perfection.” Smiling I graciously thanked her. Near the end of the day as I walked down the stairs a gentleman with a group of people said, Wow you made me do a double take.” It felt nice to receive complements from random strangers. The reason I’m sharing the story is not because of boasting but rather to share the importance of giving others complements. Sharing kinds words and smiling at random strangers. You never know what anyone is going through and how your words can make a shift in their day.


Sharing my personal style is something I’ll be continuing to do. On this day I wore a pair of purple gauchos I found at a thrift shop a few months ago. My headwrap is just one metre of fabric I purchased at the fabric store. Purse from Forever 21 and shoes Franco Sarto.


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