How to Be Productive, Successful and Smart: 9 Tips From Experts

Great tips on becoming more productive and successful in life.


Expert Tip #1: How To Be More Creative

Your first idea is rarely the best. Always keep pushing and generate more possibilities.

Advice from Andrew Goldberg, writer on Family Guy:

I’m a big fan of writing “alts” (versions). If I come to a joke spot, even if I’m working on my own stuff, I’ll often write three or four or five different alts, and then I’ll show it to friends, show it to my wife, show it to my manager, show it to a director or somebody on the project, and ask them which they think is funniest. Usually the first joke you think of isn’t the funniest. One thing that I’ve learned from TV and working in a big group is, whatever joke is there, you can always beat it. There’s always a funnier joke somewhere out there. So I’m a big fan of writing different versions to…

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