Where to Shop for Large Shoes

Nine West Tweeks available up to size 12.

Let’s face it, when you’re a tall woman like I am, that means it’s very likely you have big feet like I do.  I’ve lived my life with the ongoing struggle to find shoes I love to fit these size twelve feet I walk on every day.  But it’s not just tall women who are walking with longer than average shoe sizes.  There are actually quite a growing number of women who are wearing at least a size 9 and beyond and it seems like the numbers are getting bigger and bigger.

I have to say, even though women who wear size 9 and 10 profess to having such big feet, I will say you’re still fortunate enough to find shoes in every retailer around the world.  As long as you’re there when the stock comes in, you’ll get your pick.  Now for people like me…ahem, size 11, 12…and even 13 and 14 ladies, we struggle to find some of the cutest shoes in our sizes.  When we do find them, it’s a must to buy them.  Especially since you know the likelihood of finding it again is not very high.  I’ve bought shoes in every colour at times.  I’ve even bought some when I have nowhere to wear them just because, I’m a size 12 and I know I won’t find them again.

I once walked into a store and asked for my size and the clerk looked down saying, “They make shoes that big?”  Another store I went to some years ago had the sales person saying, “You might as well wear the boxes.” I was not laughing.

Every day I’m discovering more and more places and brands that carry a wider size selection.  Below are a few that I know about and have shopped in some  of them personally.  If you have any suggestions please share. I’d love to hear from you.

Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

One of my favourite choices because they carry an assortment of styles up to size 14.  Their price points can tend to be higher since they carry some high end brands in the stores.  If you’re lucky enough to live near or travel to a Nordstrom Rack store they have a wide selection of brands at discounted prices. Often from the previous season, which in fashion you know you can still wear again.  At least twice a year Nordstrom Rack has a massive event dedicated to large sized shoes for both men and women.  They bring in extra merchandise and selections in extended sizes to support the sale.  Trust me when I say it’s an amazing experience.  I feel like I’m in shoe heaven when I go.

Shop online at http://www.nordstrom.com (Ships internationally)

Long Tall Sally

The UK-based retailer also has shops in Canada and sells product online.  With a selection of shoes from brand names like Nine West, Franco Sarto, Reebok,  and they recently acquired the rights to sell Barefoot Tess merchandise (which tends to have a wider fit in the foot) For those with wide feet this is a great brand to consider.

Shipping available to several countries internationally. 


Zappos recently launched its first store in the US but has been a big player as an online retailer for several years.  They carry shoes in large sizes with so many styles and a great discounted rates.

Unfortunately international customers can’t take advantage of purchasing from their website since they only ship within the USA.  They used to ship to Canada but stopped that due to issues with customs duties.


This brand carries some styles up to size 12 and their merchandise can be found on other websites too.  But if you go to their site you will be able to narrow down the styles you’re looking for in  your size.

Shop online at www.aerosoles.com They also have international shipping.


This website also features an assortment of product up to ladies size 13 in some styles.  A very limited selection in size 14 ladies in more casual styles like Doc Marten boots or athletic footwear.

Shipping is available to several countries around the world. 


Find the section for Extended sizes and you’ll see the selection of footwear they have for larger shoes.

Website: http://www.macys.com

Payless ShoeSource

Known as the footwear retailer for the budget conscious customer, this is one of the few retailers that carries ladies shoes up to size 13 in several sizes at nearly all locations.  Since going online, the selection is easier to get your hands on in the extended sizes 11-13.

If you’re a woman who prefers brand name merchandise then this retailer probably is not for you.  Most of the merchandise is not leather (great for Vegan shoppers) and is fashioned after some brands for trends and classic styling.  They do have in-house licensed product designed by Christian Siriano which has been highly successful over the last number of years.

Shop online at http://www.payess.com.  Shipping is only available within the United States.


2 thoughts on “Where to Shop for Large Shoes

  1. Thank you for this I have size 10-11 feet and I find it terrible uncomfortable to search for shoes and wear some of the cutest trends.


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