Shop OnlyMaker for Large Ladies Shoe Sizes


While perusing through Amazon recently I discovered a brand I had never heard of before that carries large shoes.  It’s called OnlyMaker.  The company promises to custom make a style you like in your size if they don’t have it in stock.  The great thing is, most of their styles are already available up to size 14 ladies.  Amazing!

I’ve been looking for a new pair of flat boots since mine went missing a couple of years ago I haven’t been able to find a replacement.  I saw a beautiful pair of over-the-knee boots by OnlyMaker that I’m contemplating buying. I’ve added it to my wish list on Amazon.  Of course, you don’t have to go to Amazon to buy them you can just go directly to their website and search for styles you like.

OnlyMaker Pull-on Pointed Toe Flat Over the Knee Boot
OnlyMaker Pull-on Pointed Toe Flat Over the Knee Boot


If you can’t find a style you like, then you can actually create your own. Yes, I said that. You can design whatever you like and have it custom-made in your size.  Choose the materials you want including the leather, the sole and all the little details that will make them uniquely yours.

For more info visit the website today at


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