World AIDS Day


December 1st is World AIDS Day.  It’s the day that the international community comes together to recognize the importance of doing what we can to fight HIV/AIDS around the world.  All too often the media make it out like the only places in the world still suffering from HIV/AIDS are the under-developed nations in Africa and Asia.  The reality is that the disease exists around the world and only seems more fatal in numbers in some areas that don’t have the same access to medicines and up to date treatment options.

It’s a disease that still affects people in Canada, the U.S, U.K, Australia and so many hundreds of countries around the globe.   It’s so important to be aware and know your status as the first step.  Often times people are afraid to get tested because they fear the outcome.  Because of that there are numerous people infected who don’t even know and unwillingly spread the disease.  If you know your status you can be pro-active and protect the possible spread to others. It also gives you the opportunity to get treatment and live in a way that you can be healthy.  So many lives are prolonged because of the new treatments available today.  In underdeveloped countries babies are at risk because of transmission from mother to child during childbirth.  There are options available to prevent this from happening.  Make today a day that you take the time to research and learn about the disease. Don’t allow the fear to keep you from educating yourself about the disease.

For more info on HIV/AIDS click here.



Check out the video I did about the Born Free initiative by the fashion industry below:


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