Inspiring Boy Walks on His Prosthetic Leg

Kayden Kinckle has become an inspiration for thousands of people since his video went viral this week.  The two-year-old boy was captured on video walking on his prosthetic leg for the first time.  Since NFL quarterback Michael Vick posted the video on his Facebook Page, it has been viewed and shared over 100,000 times (as of the writing of this post).

Anyone who saw this video has been immediately moved.  This little guy takes one step at a time and proclaims ‘I got it!”  This boy has started his young life with a challenge that if many people had to face, might break down or not be able to handle it.  His name is Kayden Kinckle and his mother was told to terminate her pregnancy because of complications during pregnancy.  He was born with a defect called omphalocele; a defect in the abdominal wall that causes some organs to grow outside the body.  There was also a band that wrapped around his feet and legs when he was still inside the womb, which resulted in the defects in his legs.  Kayden has had two surgeries on his abdomen and his right leg and foot were amputated earlier this year.

As he takes each step, nearly falls, lifts himself back up and continues on, I was instantly motivated by him.  So much I wanted to post his video on my site today.  I usually like to speak about inspiring women, but this little guy is one everyone needs to see and be inspired by.  I hope he continues his life with the same perseverance he displays in this video.

The family is currently raising money to help pay for his medical bills and future therapy sessions.  They also hope to raise enough to send him to a camp in Atlanta, Georgia for children with prosthetics.  If you want to donate CLICK HERE for the link to the Go Fund Me campaign.



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