STYLE | Mirrored Nails

mirror manicure

Trends in nail care are always changing fast.  Ever since stick-on polish came into the market there have been all kinds of options for women to make their nails look exactly the way they want.  They give perfect salon-like results without the time and effort.  Getting this mirrored look pictured above is extremely difficult to achieve by simply using a chrome or silver coloured polish.  This perfect sheen can’t be duplicated.   The mirrored stick-on will give you the exact look you’re going for.  

The other option is purchasing fake chrome nails to glue on yourself.  Sally Hanson makes an affordable version of these fake nails.  You can attempt to do it yourself or perhaps go to a salon and ask if they have something they can do to give you this look.  If you really want to try it yourself with a polish there are several varieties on the market.  Just be patient when applying the polish.   You will certainly get a metallic finish like the photo below, but it’s not quite the same mirrored effect as you see above.

Click here for tips on getting mirrored nails.



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