STYLE | Golden Globes Red Carpet Style

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong’o

Celebrities were almost flooded out from walking the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards yesterday evening.  The carpets were waterlogged while celebrities were forced to pose in puddles or lift up their dresses trying to make their way around the soggy carpets.  Apparently a pipe that was part of a sprinkler system burst, which caused the water to spray everywhere.  The Beverly Hills Fire Department finally managed the problem by using vaccums and air blowers in an attempt to clean up the mess as attendees arrived.   Thankfully the problem was under control and thing continued as planned.   

Water soaked the red carpet after it was reported a pipe burst. Photo: Getty Images
Water soaked the red carpet after it was reported a pipe burst. Photo: Getty Images

Lupita Nyong’o was by far a favourite on the red carpet as she gracefully walked the carpet in a red, caped gown by Ralph Lauren.  With her signature low afro slightly straightened out she gave off a new look that was a little more edge yet still very chic.  The 12 years A Slave actress and Nominee has been commanding attention everywhere she goes and now is becoming a style icon in her own right.

Expectant ladies came out in first class style with Olivia Wilde making pregnancy look absolutely gorgeous.  Dressed in Gucci, her emerald gown looked like liquid metal cascading ever so gracefully over her baby bump.  Scandal star Kerry Washington also made her way on the red carpet basking in the joy of her pregnancy telling a reporter from E! News,  “I feel like I have the best date of the night, my little accessory here.”   

Photo AP
Olivia Wilde in Gucci.  Photo AP Photo AP


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Kerry Washington wore Balenciaga. (Photo: Getty Images)

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