Many times in life we find ourselves in a situation that requires us to adjust the plans we made.  It can be one of the most challenging things to know you have taken a certain path and now have to take a different turn.  What we fail to realize is sometimes adjusting the focus we originally had in mind is sometimes what is necessary in order to produce the perfect picture.

Just like when looking at something through the lens of a camera.  It can be pointed directly at the image you are trying to capture, but when you look in the camera the image is blurred.  What do you do then?  You take the time to adjust the focus of the picture.  The same way we adjust pictures, we need to sometimes do that in our lives.  Adjusting does not mean you change your goals entirely it simply means making the necessary changes in order to achieve the perfect picture.

So today, as you start a new week, remember that when life gets a little blurry, all you need to do is adjust your focus in order to capture the perfect image.


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