LIFE | Communication Builds Relationships


The best relationships have a strong foundation of communication.  It has been said that more than half of failed relationships are the result of poor communication.  It is about making the choice to express yourself both verbally and physically.  It is also taking the time to listen to the other person when they do communicate with you.  It’s an exchange that must go both ways in order for it to be successful.

Without good communication in a relationship it is doomed to fail.  Once it dies, it can be difficult to bring back to life.  Communicating with your partner doesn’t mean you have to give them a rundown of every single thing that happened in your day.  It goes deeper than the surface conversation you would have with co-workers or acquaintances.  It involves having a safe place with someone where you can express your thoughts without judgement.  It is also a place where even when you are quite for long periods of time, your depth of love carries you as part of your non-verbal communication.  Just being in his/her presence is sometimes enough.  But for some this can take years to get to this point.  Communication is a form of intimacy that can leave a person vulnerable because of things being revealed that we normally would not share with another person.  It is in communicating that it builds the bridge to a stronger relationship.

A serious problem with respect to communication occurs when a person communicates in a way that the other refers to them as ‘a nag’.  Communicating doesn’t mean you are badgering the other person about every negative thing you can think about him or her.  If that’s how you are communicating with your partner then it is likely that person will eventually close him or herself off from you.  They choose to not communicate for fear of being heavily criticized.  They also begin to stop listening to anything you say (even if it may be something important).  If this happens the relationship is not headed in a good direction.

In today’s world many couples are working in places that require much travel or hours away from home.  It could leave your partner feeling lonely when you are gone for long periods of time.  In these cases, keeping in regular contact with your other half is critical to keeping the relationship going.  Once that communication is gone it is the beginning of the end.  For example, there are couples who work in professions that require them to travel to different continents and they could be gone for months at a time.  During these periods, it is so crucial to keep in contact.   These days the options for communicating seem endless.  Sending a small note through the day is simple with choices like texting, whatsapp and BBM it is so easy to stay connected.  There is also the old-fashioned telephone to stay in touch.  Kick it up a notch by using Skype to actually see him/her when you’re chatting.

There is no reason to not remain in contact with your partner.  Communication is key to a successful relationship.  It’s the lifeline and once it is cut off, it dies.



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