Earlier this month, Glamour Magazine held its 23rd annual Women of The Year Awards at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  The 2013 Woman of the Year who had much of the media attention was 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was brutally shot  by the Taliban for her views on education.  Malala is a champion for women’s rights through education and said, “I believe the gun has no power because a gun can only kill.  But a pen can give life.” (CLICK HERE TO see an interview to learn more about Malala)

Other women who were honoured included Lady Gaga for her talent and work against bullying, Barbra Streisand who received the Lifetime Achievement Award and Melinda Gates for her philanthropy work.

Malala Yousafzai honoured as the Woman of The Year.
Malala Yousafzai honoured as the Woman of The Year.

Two notable women who share a passion I have for the maternal health rights of women are models Liya Kebede and Christy Turlington-Burns.  Kebede and Turlington-Burns both have foundations dedicated to providing access to safe childbirth to women around the world.    Supermodel and business woman Iman introduced the women before they came to receive their award.

Kebede, who is from Ethiopia, started the Liya Kebede Foundation to help women in Ethiopia and other developing countries, have access to better maternal health care that would provide safe births.  While Turlington-Burns started Every Mother Counts to advocate for global maternal health.

Christy Turlington-Burns and Liya Kebede.
Christy Turlington-Burns and Liya Kebede honoured for their work advocating for the maternal health care rights of women around the world.


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