Sometimes when we leave relationships it can be difficult to move on.  It seems even harder when you were not the one who ended the relationship.  Rejection is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life.  When another person has been part of your life for a period of time it can be hard to imagine going on without them.  But it only makes you look like you are desperate if you keep hanging on to hope that it will work out with this person when they tell you it’s over.

The same holds true if YOU are the person who ended the relationship.  You should make an effort to move on.  Sometimes because you were used to that person or comfortable, you might still try to remain in contact by calling or sending messages.  That’s a mistake because you could lead the other person on and keep him or her hanging on to false hope.

In this digital age, moving on from past relationships is not as easy as it was 15 or 20 years ago.  Now people still have contact on social  media and digital devices.  It used to be when it’s over that was it.  Cold turkey.  Now we deal with actually seeing what’s happening in the timelines of the other person’s life via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other forms of social media.  You should avoid spending hours looking at that person’s account or profile.  It doesn’t help you move on.  Delete him or her if that’s what you need to do.  Clean up the digital mess by deleting old photos, tags and statuses that have immortalized the love…or like…you once shared.  It’s also easy to send whatsapp, text or BBM messages just to say ‘hi’.   Don’t do it.

Some people even get so obsessed they ‘cook up’ plans of how to get the person back.  They look at things online, find out things through common friends and acquaintances in order to devise a plan to get that person back.  I was in Twitter recently going through popular and trending tweets when I came across this one that really stuck out to me:

@HeatherLLove  “Stop wanting somebody that doesn’t want you. You shouldn’t have to create an entire marketing plan to get a persons approval. Move on.

I thought that was well said.  Partnered with the image pictured above, I think the clear message is to just move on and not look back.  You think you can’t live without the person.  Many people have said, “I can’t live without him/her.”  But look….months later…years later…they are still living.  And you can too.





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