We’re down to the last quarter of 2013.  Hard to believe that this year has gone by so quickly.  Things are starting to wind down.  Stores are gearing up for the big holiday season which hits in late October after Thanksgiving in Canada and in mid-late November after Thanksgiving in The United States.  Soon we’ll be onto the end of the year and planning our goals for 2014.

Before getting ahead of myself here, I just want to remind you, and myself, to use this time to reflect on the year that is 2013.  How have you been doing so far?  Have you met the goals you set back in January?  Are there any that you missed.  How do you get back on track if you’re not on target with your goals?

Here are a few tips to get things together:

1. Budget your time wisely.

When it comes to reaching your goals it is so important that you maximize the time you have.  Every human being has the same amount of hours in a day.  It’s how we use our time that will determine what gets done and if we accomplish what we set out to do.  For example many CEOs of successful companies are up by 5 o’clock in the morning.  Getting their day started.  My father used to say that we could get a lot of work done before noon if only we choose to get up and go.  This is so true.

2. Limit time wasters.

We all know what things in our lives can waste our time.  Video games, Facebook, Television etc.  There are many activities we do that are great for short periods of time.  There is nothing wrong with engaging in these types of activities.  It’s when we allow it to consume our time that it takes away from productivity.  Why do you think some companies block websites like Facebook?  they know it makes employees less productive.  It’s so easy to intend to spend only 5-10 minutes and then before we know it an hour or even two hours have passed.  Learn to set limitations so that you can maintain productivity.

3. Review your goals.

Take a look at the goals you set and see if they were realistic.  Analyze what you did right and take a look at what you could have done better.  Use that as your guide going forward.  From that you can develop a new action plan for the next few months.

4.  At the end of each week take a look back at what you’ve accomplished.  Sometimes we forget to look at the good.  When you can do that, it is sometimes the one thing that will keep you going.  It reminds you of how far you have actually come.

5. Finally, take your time.  We’re always in a rush to do things in our society.  It’s in taking it one step at a time that we do a better job.  Rushing can sometimes mean poor work that you might have to do all over again.

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