Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead.


Fear breeds inaction;

Inaction leads to lack of experience;

Lack of experience fosters ignorance; and

Ignorance breeds fear.

– Your Road Map For Success, John C. Maxwell

Sometimes when we are afraid of trying something it’s because we are thinking of the possible failure that lies before us.  Instead of allowing that to cloud your decision to move forward, look at it like a child does; with curiosity.  Children have the ability to face things head on without any fear.  If that were not true, they wouldn’t do anything new would they.  For them life is all about trying something new and out of the ordinary.  The only thing that matters to a child is that they haven’t done it before and the curiosity to try supersedes everything.

Approach what you are about to do or planned with a curios mind.  Instead, think of all the possibilities.  Think of what you will learn and what can be gained from the experience.  Today approach your fear like a child.  Don’t be afraid.  Just try.



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