inspireHave you ever been in a sudden moment of inspiration?  It’s absolutely amazing isn’t it?  Like the moment you see a picture it can instantly bring you a certain energy.  Or perhaps you see a design or structure that inspires your creativity.

Become inspired by the simple things you see.  Some of the biggest ideas come from something so small and simple.  Once you become inspired don’t let yourself forget where your source of inspiration came from.

I recently attended a fashion show for the graduating students of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.  It was awesome and reminded me of the time when I graduated with my Fashion Design degree and how I felt at the time.  Just being at the runway show captivated my interest in fashion again like I had not felt in a long time.  It reminded me of where inspiration can come from.  As we watched each short introductory video from the designers, they discussed what exactly inspired them to create the collection.

They spoke of colour, lines, culture, travel, food and environment.  Life experiences also played important roles in what inspired them.  It was a reminder to me to always ask the question of ‘what inspires me?’ or ‘who inspires me?’

Anytime you feel at a loss for imagination or inspiration…take a moment and remember the moment you were inspired.  What was it and draw from that as your source to keep moving forward.


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