Sometimes in life we have to take a moment to re-evaluate where we are and create a whole new action plan.  Often times the reason we are not where we need to be is because we lack the focus.  I’m guilty of that and I’m sure you have been at some point in your life or career also.

I recently read the status update of a friend of mine on BBM:

“Failing to focus, means focusing to fail.” ~ Sam Amanor

Every so often something happens to push each of us to get up and get moving.  Reading his status reminded me about how important it is for us to focus on our goals or we are likely to fail.  This is how athletes excel at what they do.  It’s like they have tunnel vision and only see what they are reaching for and nothing else matters.   Everything else must be blurred in order for you to have a laser focus on something.

Make a list of what’s important in reaching your goal.  Stick to it and don’t let any distractions keep you from getting there.  Often times distractions can come in the form of many things; friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances etc.  I remember hearing singer/songwriter Alicia Keys talk about what it was like growing up and missing out on the things here friends were doing because she was so focused on practicing her craft.  Look where she is now.  Sometimes those sacrifices we make are what will end up giving us the biggest rewards in the future.



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