Do you ever feel like what this sign looks like? Chaos? This sign is in Antarctica. I found the photo on and it inspired me to write this morning’s post.  Sometimes in life we are faced with so many choices and directions that we just get confused and feel like we’re living in chaos.

If you ever feel like that just take a moment to sit down, relax and compose your thoughts.  Write down exactly what your thinking and feeling.  Believe it or not writing things down can be therapeutic and helpful.

The first step in getting order out of chaos it to have a plan.  Write down a plan of action and then stick to it.  If you encounter some bumps along the way just know that’s a part of the road of life.  But you need to follow a plan.  You wouldn’t drive somewhere without knowing the directions to get there would you?  The same holds true for your life.  You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know or are confused about where you are going.

It’s the start of a new week so take the opportunity to start small.  Maybe it’s overwhelming to think too far ahead.  If that’s the case, map our your plan for the week.  Each day.  Exactly what you want to accomplish.  As you wake up each morning read the list then go for it.  Even read the next day’s plans before you go to bed to mentally prepare.

Always remember that even if you take the wrong way, you can always take another road.


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