I snapped a photo of the cover Maclean’s Magazine from April 1994.  It was on display at a Canadian War Museum museum in Ottawa, Ontario.  It was an exhibit with several magazine covers over the last century.  The title “From prisoner to President” really struck a chord.  How profound.  Nelson Mandela, the man who was imprisoned for over half his life at the time, became the President of the same country that took away his freedom. When anyone thinks about that experience it makes a person realize that anything is possible.

It makes you see that if you have a vision, dream or goal it’s a matter of focus.  Mandela was passionate about what he believed in and was willing to die for it.  Are you passionate about what you are doing?  Are you doing whatever possible to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself?

This morning as you reflect on where you are….ask yourself, “Am I really doing everything necessary to achieve the vision I have for my life?”  If not, then it isn’t too late to start today.

Remember, anything is possible.


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