PROSPER | Prosperous Living – January 25

start fresh jumper

So now that you put procrastination behind you, today can be a new day to start fresh.  What better way than to just hit the RESET button of life?  Forget about yesterday’s procrastinating ways and start with your new attitude today.  Leave behind the disorder and chaos of yesterday and create lists to keep you organized.

Always remember that a new day is an opportunity to start fresh and do it right this time.  There is a sense of freedom in knowing it’s a chance to do a better job today than you did yesterday.  The whole point of moving forward in a prosperous way is using the past as teaching points.

Once in a while we all need to hit the reset button of life.  That doesn’t mean everything has been erased but it does mean you’ve given yourself the chance to start fresh and make the best of all new opportunities.




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