LIFE | Moments


I have been guilty myself of not taking the time to really enjoy the moment.  I remember spending a few days with someone when all I could do was sit there analyzing the situation.  Asking questions in my head and wondering about so many different things.  I was there but it was almost like I wasn’t truly present in the moment because I was thinking so much about other stuff.  That person actually ended up telling me that sometimes I think too much.

When I sit down and really think about it (haha…thinking again), it’s true.  Sometimes instead of enjoying the moment, my mind is wandering somewhere else and not present where I should be.  I know I’m not the only person guilty of this.  Many of us often have our brains on overload thinking about so many things we have to do or that need to be done.

Remember that even though we have many responsibilities in life, we also have to learn to enjoy the important moments when we are in them.  That’s the true essence of having real joy and learning to have fun no matter what the circumstances.  Take a moment to really relax and just appreciate the small moments that you share with friends, family and the many people around you.

Enjoy the moment.


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