PROSPER | Prosperous Living – January 24


Stop Procrastination.  Easier said than done right?  Most people have at some point in their lives left something for later that could be done now.  It’s usually the most daunting or challenging tasks that we choose to tackle later.  The only problem with that is sometimes we leave it for so long that it either doesn’t get done or it’s not done well.

How can you nip procrastination in the butt?  The first step is to start making it a point to do the things you don’t want to do first.  That’s right.  When you start your day and there is something you know you’re dreading, you should make that the first thing on the list.

Make it a habit of doing this and you’ll find once you’ve knocked out that task, the rest of the day will go so much smoother.  The sense of accomplishment of completing what you viewed as the toughest task will fuel your energy for the rest of the day’s tasks.


For those who are chronic procrastinators you will have to do a self-analysis in order to figure out why you do this so often.  Some people procrastinate when it’s a job they don’t enjoy or want to do.  Or perhaps they don’t feel they have the skills to do it or lack confidence in themselves.  Sometimes you’ll sit down to do something but instead of getting started you make a phone call, grab coffee, turn on the television or waste time on Facebook.  Have you done that?

How can you beat it?  Procrastination truly is a habit that needs breaking.  Like any other habit it will take time to make the change.  Make a list of strategies you will take to avoid this pattern.  Sometimes rewarding ourselves with a prize will keep us motivated.  For example you might treat yourself to something new if you complete the task by a certain day or time.

Create a schedule or planner to keep you on target so you don’t stay off course and delay the task at hand.

Finally, remember, it doesn’t matter how long you put it off, you still have to do it!  So it’s better to get it done early than to be stressed out rushing at the last-minute.





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