LIFE | No Regrets


Living with regret is the surest way to keep yourself living in the past.  Have you ever met that person who is constantly talking about how great things were back in the day?  Or the person who always says things like ‘if only they did this’ or ‘if only they did that’.  We’re all human beings so I’m sure we all have made reference to the past at one time or another.  It’s okay to look at the past as long as we see the learning lessons.

What’s worse is when the past becomes filled with regrets that constantly haunt you today.  Don’t allow what you did in the past to dictate your present and your future.  Instead you should see all your experiences with no regrets.  Rather as experiences that taught you how to move forward into your future.  Everything decision and choice you’ve made brought forth things that are teaching moments in your life.  Learn from them and move on.


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