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Photo: news.cnet,

QR Coded fashion will likely become the next phenomenon.  Bringing together art and technology and making it functional is exactly what artist Thorunn Arnadottir has done with this design.  QR Codes allow us to access information through our mobile devices on a daily basis.  Imagine walking around in a garment that will allow smartphones to scan it for information.

Thorunn Arnadottir is a London-based designer originally from Iceland and he called his design QR U.  The dress is constructed using African beading techniques to create these designs embedded with real working QR codes.  A person could point their smart-phone at the person wearing the dress and it will direct the potential consumer to a website.

The dress was actually designed for the pop star Kali in Steed Lord to wear as a promotional piece.  But it goes to show how technology and fashion can fuse together for something so functional and marketable.  According to Arnadottir’s website;

“The dress is composed of different QR codes that link to different promotional material online that can be viewed instantly on her fan’s mobile phones.”

QR coded fashion is quickly becoming more popular with prints on items like shirts, bedding and mobile phone cases.  This is surely going to become something that fashion retailers can look to as an opportunity to market their stores and products.  It’s not just about a name plastered on a shirt.  Now a QR code can bring your potential customer directly to your website or even offer promotional marketing.

qr coded fashion
Photo: news.cnet,
qr coded fashion
Photo: news.cnet,

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