LIFE | Shift Happens!


Do you ever feel like you’re constantly shifting gears in life?  Like the stick shift keeps getting you caught going too fast or too slow?  Or maybe it feels like you made good distance but now for some strange reason the gears are bringing you back in reverse.  In life, shift happens!  One thing that’s always consistent is change.  It’s how we respond to change that makes or breaks the situation.

The things that happen to us can shift our balance and sometimes we respond in a positive or negative manner.  All things and energies in our lives are either positive or negative.  Good or bad.  You have to make the active choice to respond to it in a way that you will continue to progress without too much friction.

When something happens take a moment to process the situation logically.  Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we can do things we regret later or that will make the situation worse.  Once you make sense of what is happening ask what you’re supposed to learn from this.  Write down or think about what the possible options are to get yourself out of whatever is happening.  Once you make a list of options select the one that best suits the situation.  Make your decision and go with it.  Don’t second guess yourself once the decision has been made.

Life is all about how your respond to things.  If what you decide doesn’t work then try something else.  That’s the beauty of change.  It’s a learning experience and allows you not to make the same mistake again.




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