PROSPER | Prosperous Living – January 10

If you plant turnips you will not harvest grapes.” –Akan Proverb

Ever notice when things seem to be going great for those around you?  Sometimes it seems like they didn’t have to do much to get where they are.  That’s because you don’t know how much work was going on behind the scenes.  It’s just like a garden in full bloom.  Sometimes the gardener plants those seeds many months in advance in order to get the harvest.

Think of how much goes into preparing the soil, planting the seed and watering the garden in order to get the final result.  Sowing seeds is what produces  fruit.  Ancient history and religions even talk about the importance of sowing a seed.  Sometimes the seeds we plant will have a good harvest while others will never take to the soil.  Preparation is the best way to be ready when opportunity comes you way.  Spend the time preparing your ‘soil’.  By reading, learning and doing the things necessary to hone your craft.  You will find that the efforts you’re making will eventually be given the opportunity to harvest.

The Akan proverb above talks about planting the right thing.  You won’t harvest the right fruit if you haven’t planted the right seeds.


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