STYLE | Men’s Trends at H&M

Men’s fashion over the last few years has really been pushing forward with change.  It used to be that men’s style didn’t really change or evolve at the same pace as women’s fashion.  But this century we have seen an increase in the number of men who care about what they look like.  Gentlemen who want to have options when they shop and are not afraid to push the envelope of style.

Always looking to satisfy the taste of fashion lovers, H&M seems to have mastered the art of bringing affordable style to the masses.  This spring for men they have brought colour, prints and slender tailoring.  There are inspirations from the 1950s by way of cropped pants, slim silhouettes and simple footwear.  Loafers and slipper inspired looks are very popular and easily shown off with the shorter pant styles.  This look is very modern and sleek but doesn’t bode well if you’re a man with fuller thighs or calves.  Leave this look to the slimmer men and go for more straight cut trousers that are flattering to your body type.

But colour is one thing every man can mix into their closet this spring season.  Even something as simple as a bright t-shirt can be your way of adding a bit of flavour to your personal style.


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