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While perusing on Twitter this evening……


“Relationships are harder now because conversations become texting, argument becomes phone calls, and feelings become statuses and tweets.”

Communication in relationships has become so skewed over the last few years.  People don’t contact each other in the same way they used to.  I’m from the old school and remember the days when a man asked for a woman’s phone number because he actually wanted to call and have a conversation to get to know her.  These days I keep hearing women talk about how a man gets the number but then just sends text messages.  Communicating can be quite confusing because women are unsure if a man is truly interested.

But the reality is if a man really wants to get to know you, he won’t use texting as his only form of communicating with you.  That’s not restricted to just texting either.  This includes other ways of digital and social contact like BBM, What’s App, Facebook and Twitter.  I was reading an article yesterday where a woman was asking for advice about what to do because she felt like she had a real ‘connection’ with the man because they had spent hours on text.  But at the same time she was really unsure because she didn’t hear from him for a few days after that initial contact.  A phone call never came.

When in the courtship stages, that’s usually when a man is pulling out all the cards to try to ‘woo’ a woman.  That’s typically when he’s on his ‘best behaviour’ and does everything he can to get to know her and let her know how he’s feeling.  He’s want to hear her voice, chat and just feel her vibe through conversation.  I know there are men who are just not into talking on the phone, but they will sacrifice for a woman they really like.  Or they’ll just make plans to meet up and talk in person.

So if you meet a man and he only wants to communicate through text, BBM, What’s App etc….don’t take him too seriously.  There certainly are men out there who actually want to speak with you.

Just saying.


2 thoughts on “RELATIONSHIPS | Communication

  1. Too true. My boyfriend of two years gradually became someone who wouldn’t ever talk on the phone with me, claiming he “hated it”. Not long after, our relationship crumbled. If he can’t commit to a five-minute phone call at the end of the night, how can he commit to a serious relationship?


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