Britney Exline at her graduation at University of Pennsylvania in May 2011.

Britney Exline is not only an accomplished young woman but she certainly is a force to be reckoned with.  This young woman is fluent in five languages and recently earned the title of the youngest African-American Engineer in the United States.  At the age of 19  years old she has already proved that women have the ability to achieve their dreams as long as they set their mind to it.  A humble woman she was quoted saying, “I don’t think of myself as extraordinary.”  But she truly is.  She graduated with a Computer Science degree and also minored in psychology, mathematics and classical studies.  Not many young women have achieved what she has at such a tender age.  By the time she was 16 years old she was already working on Wall Street.  She currently works as a Software Engineer in Boston and says she intends to return to school for graduate studies.

She owes much of her success to the way her parents raised her.  Her mother, Chyrese Exline, told Ebony Magazine the key to how she raised her children, “I made sure they remained committed even when they wanted to quit.  They learned you can’t quit an activity just because it’s hard.  Sometimes you need to stick with something.  That’s the only way to learn how to persevere and overcome true obstacles….”



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