Best 2-Star Hotel I Have Visited in Ghana

View of my room.

This weekend I travelled with work colleagues to a funeral in the Ashanti (Asante) Region of Ghana. It took us about 8.5 hours to drive to the hotel we were staying in. The journey there was not for the faint of heart. Some parts of the trip were on good roads while other parts were pretty rough. Add that the driver was lost a couple of times and it made for an adventure.

One of the biggest challenges travelling through some rural communities is the poor road network. Many unpaved roads and a lot of potholes throughout the trip. Of course there would be stretches that were smooth then we would get to the rough parts and when we did, it was bad. I seriously feel like I needed a massage after this journey.

When we finally arrived in Obuase, the hotel was much bigger and nicer than I expected. In the past, when I’ve been in smaller communities the hotels are very modest and some didn’t have hot water. But this one pleasantly surprised me. It was by far the best 2-star I’ve stayed at in Ghana.

The customer service was very good. The front desk staff was helpful and answered any questions. Your stay there includes breakfast which is served in their restaurant directly across from the main building. Behind the hotel is the pool, exercise room and even a salon for grooming. Because we were there for just the night and heading to a funeral in another town about 1 hour away, there was not the opportunity to try some of the services as we had to leave by 7am.

I asked the staff about any tourist attractions in the area and they only said the town is known for gold mining. So they were not able to share what a tourist might do if they came there.

When researching things to do in Obuase it confirmed there isn’t much in the town, but people stop there on the way to other nearby places. Places that are within 1-3 hours drive include the National Zoological Garden, Assin Manso, and Kumasi.

There was a conference room that was set up with movie theatre style seating. This could be a great place to use for screening films, business meetings and other conferences.

I shared some video footage about the hotel on my YouTube Channel. If you’d like to check it out you can watch it by clicking HERE.


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