How to Wear African Print in Winter

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When summer season is winding down, it’s easy to feel a little sad because you’ll likely be trading in your bold, bright prints for some dull dreary shades of grey and black for the winter.  But these days you don’t have to give up bold colours just because summer is over.  With so many labels including bright colours like orange, yellow and bright blue in their fall/winter collections, you can feel confident rocking some of your favourite African inspired looks.

The biggest challenge though, is most of them are made using 100% cotton fabrics that are lightweight and perfect for keeping cool in the heat.  When temperatures drop below zero, you could be left feeling the chill when you wear some of your Ankara printed fabrics.  Thankfully there are brands taking this into consideration and creating pieces that can be worn in the cold.

Sika Designs has created a brand new puffer coat designed for those colder temperatures while still keeping that African style.  The Firefly Puffer Jacket is part of their AFUAxSIKA collaboration.  What makes this so special? It’s made in Ghana and will keep you in check during the cold weather.  There are not many brands out there that make styles like this.  There are so many light jackets, trench coats and blazers in African print, but I rarely see these fabrics made into winter coats.  There’s another brand called AJBoutique Designs that sells winter coats for men using the Africa print available on

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pagnaa handwoven patchwork scarf
Pagnaa Patchwork Scarf doubles as a scarf you can use to keep warm or sitch it up and wear it as a turban.


If you want to add a little piece of Africa without overpowering your look in the winter you can opt for a scarf.  Exit 14 Apparel has beautiful ones made using the batakari woven fabric from the northern region of Ghana.  It’s heavier than the popular wax prints and is the perfect choice to stave off those cold winds around your neck.  Visit the website for this scarf pictured above and other styles including some stunning capes and jackets.

ShopWestAFrica Etsy
Yoko Wrap Coat by Shop West Africa sold on Etsy. (Image courtesy

During the fall season you can still rock your African printed blazers since they’ll be layered under a coat anyway.  Sport one of your favourite blazers over a turtleneck or sweater to combine a little tropical vibe with your winter wardrobe.

This winter, don’t shy away from wearing a bold African print.  Find patterns with colour schemes you love to wear during the fall and winter.  Hues of orange, rust, mustard and brown offer great combinations you can still make a statement wearing.

AJBoutique Designs




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