How to Wear Maasai Jewellery

The Maasai people from Eastern Africa are one of the most famous tribes in the continent of Africa. Perhaps they are best known for their distinctive way of dressing. Often wearing red and beautifully made jewellery.

Known for their ability to jump heights while dancing, long lean stature, and their crafts, they are a people from the rural communities just two hours outside of Nairobi, Kenya as well as parts of Tanzania.

Last year, when I visited Kenya on a work related trip, I just had to do some shopping at the Maasai market and pick out some gems that I could wear. I love incorporating African style into my wardrobe and I believe anyone can do this too. I know some conservative environments are not as open to the bold colours, but you can still add a statement piece to a basic white blouse to jazz it up.

Here are 3 tips to wearing Maasai jewellery.

1. Wear it with something solid coloured.

Because most of the pieces are bold in colour with a kaleidoscope of combinations, some people find it a little challenging to figure out what to wear with it.

To keep it simple, wearing a basic button down shirt in a solid colour serves as a great foundation piece. Wear your necklace with a white or black shirt and you’re ready for a corporate environment.


2. Go Bold.

In this case, you’re a woman who isn’t afraid to be bold in what she wears. Add it to anything you choose and make that statement you long for. In the world of fashion sometimes colours that are supposed to clash, actually become a look that is sought after.

Mixed prints, patterns and such have become the new modern twist on the fashion runways. You can do it your way by adding the unexpected in your accessories.

3. Choose one colour in the Necklace to Complement.

Remember the colour wheel where we learned about complementary colours? Yellow with purple, blue with orange and more?

Use those rules to decide how you’ll wear the jewellery. For example, if you have a necklace with a predominantly yellow colour, wear something in the shades of purple. That way the necklace will be complementing what you’re wearing.


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