Forget the Roses This Valentine’s Day

Orange Calla Lily Bouquet.
Orange Calla Lily Bouquet.

When it comes to flowers on Valentine’s Day it’s been a long standing tradition to just pick up a bouquet of roses.  Sometimes we forget that there are so many choices available as alternatives and there are actually some beautiful arrangements that can be made using other flowers.

Don’t forget that the act of sending flowers isn’t reserved just for romantic relationships.  Do you remember being in kindergarten and making Valentine’s day cards for everyone in class?  That lesson is about sending love to everyone. Not just about romance.  So send flowers to a friend, family member or anyone you care about.  There’s a diverse array of life relationships, just as there are thousands of variety of flowers to show your gesture of love.

Tulips are an elegant option to buying roses.  They are a familiar flower that also comes in a wide range of colours.  They are affordable and will brighten someone’s day the same way that roses can.

Calla Lilies are one of my personal favourites and a beautifully sophisticated flower that many brides have used as part of their bouquet.  However it’s not exclusive to a wedding and is actually an excellent choice to give to that special someone.

White orchids are fresh and a great gift.
White orchids are fresh and a great gift.

It’s been said that orchids are considered to be for a person with a wilder personality than traditional roses.  A delicate and graceful flower, it symbolizes beauty, strength, and luxury.  It’s also another flower that represents love.  The receiver will love having these around longer than some flowers because orchids hold up better over time and don’t die as quickly as others.

Irises are a lovely flower seen to have a more contemporary look because they can add a splash of colour and texture to any arrangement. They are a fresh addition to an otherwise traditional bouquet.

Roses are such and easy ‘go-to’ flower, that doesn’t require much thought.  Take the time this Valentine’s day to pick a flower that you think suits the personality of the person your sending them to.  I’m sure that person will love it.






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