Just Get Started


Sometimes you over think it too much and don’t take the action needed to just start pursuing your dream. I admit I’ve been guilty of this too.  Talking about the things you want to do, but day after day it doesn’t get done.  Starting projects and not finishing. Before I know it, the idea I had is being done by someone else.  When we have thoughts about our dreams and goals, we have to put them into action otherwise it never gets done.

This is why Nike’s mantra of ‘Just Do It’ makes complete sense.  If you just sit there, nothing will be accomplished.

Here are a few tips to help you just start what it is you want to do in order to achieve the dreams you have inside.

1. Block out the ‘noise’

The noise includes people you surround yourself with.  Sometimes those people say things that hold you back from doing what it is you wanted.

A woman who told her dreams to a close friend. Instead of the enthusiastic support she expected, that friend gave her all the negatives related to the dream.  As a result she had her words just circling in her mind over and over again.  Then she began to doubt herself.  “Who did she think she is?  She can’t possibly get it done.  Why even bother.”

If you block out the noise from others, you can stay focused on what you need to get done.

2. Follow the 5 Second Rule

If you’ve never heard of the five second rule, you need to pick up Mel Robbins book, The 5-Second Rule’ available on Amazon.  I was first introduced to this book by my sister who mentioned it in a conversation in November of last year.  The concept is simple, but it really works.  Counting down those five seconds when making important decisions or trying to jumpstart yourself is absolutely amazing.

It’s all about creating a mind shift.  When those thoughts of ‘not feeling like it’ or when an idea comes, you put into action within five seconds what you need to do.  You have to read the book there is so much helpful and useful information in there.

Check your local bookstore or click the link here to buy it on Amazon now! 


3. Procrastination is the thief of your goals.

Procrastination really steals your ability to get things done.  I know that many people say they work better under pressure and as a result they are constantly putting things off until the absolute last-minute.  Next thing you know you’re under a ‘pressure cooker’ to get it done by deadline.

What if the thing you need to get done doesn’t have a deadline hovering over you?  By this I mean, your own personal goals are not being managed by a boss or manager who is telling you when something needs to be finished.  When it comes to your own life, your own goals, the only person responsible for getting it done, is you.

If you don’t push yourself to get started, and constantly put things off, before you know it, a day will pass. Then a week, then a month and then another year.  Year after year, you’re putting things off and then it never gets done.

Procrastination is killing all that potential that lies inside of you.

I know. Because I’ve done it too.

Sometimes the procrastination is out of fear or even in feeling like what you want to do is overwhelming.

How to curb your procrastination?

  1. Pick a few things that you were putting off until ‘tomorrow’. After reviewing the list pick just one or two things on the list.
  2. Choose a date and time that you will actively start on that item.  Write it down, make it an appointment just like anything else in your life.
  3. Once you’ve picked a time, keep all distractions away so that you can remain focused and get things done. (I usually do this by turning off all notifications on my phone and turning off the television).
  4. Remind yourself anytime you feel like stopping, “If I put this off until tomorrow, I still have to do it, so why not get it done now?”

I hope these tips will help you in your journey to just get things done and finally reach your dreams!





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