How to Care for Your Skin in Winter

The seasonal changes can really take a toll on your skin, but the worst time of year is the winter. Not only does your exposed skin suffer the sub-zero temperatures, but going from extreme cold outside into the heated dry air of homes can really do a number on your skin.

With a severe cold snap happening across much of Canada and part of the United States at this moment (it actually snowed in Atlanta!!), your skin is definitely feeling the effects.

It’s so cold that some parts of Canada are feeling like -30° Celsius with the windchill factor. Brrr. You skin can freeze within minutes.

Besides staying indoors and avoiding the cold altogether, here are a few tips to caring for your skin during this harsh weather.


Put moisture in the air by having a humidifier in your home. This will keep the air from being so dry and help protect you from the effects that typically come with the hot air blown through your furnace or dry electric heating.

Moisturize Regularly

Winter is especially a problem for those who naturally have dry skin. At this time of year it can crack, peel and even itch.

Choosing a lotion based on your skin type is important, but you need added moisture that will really absorb into your skin.

After you bathe, avoid completely drying the water. Putting lotion on while your skin is still damp will help lock in moisture. There are even products on the market now designed to put on wet skin.

Some of the things I love for thirsty winter skin include Dream Cream from Lush, coconut oil, Vaseline Intensive Problem Therapy cream, Keri Lotion and Curel.

The skin on your hands and feet also suffer greatly at this time. I typically use creams made specifically for the feet to keep the skin from becoming too hard and dry.


Removing the dry dead skin cells is so important. All the effects of the cold air can leave your skin looking dull.

Exfoliate once or twice in the week to remove some of those dead skin cells revealing a fresh glow. You can do this by using an exfoliant or with a loofah

Wear Socks to Bed

One of the tricks to keeping your skin’s moisture locked into your feet is by wearing socks. When I do a pedicure at home or after taking a shower, I make sure to lather a thick layer of cream on my feet and sleep with my socks on.

There are even socks sold by retailers specifically designed to keep moisture in your feet. If you type in ‘moisture socks’ or moisturizing socks into a website like Amazon, you’ll see a selection of products at your disposal.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

As wonderful as a hot cup of coffee or tea feels during this time, it can also have adverse affects because the caffeine can dehydrate you which may lead to dry skin.

Try switching to herbal teas or decaf coffee if you can. You can also drink hot water with a slice of lemon. It’s equally important that you keep your body hydrated by drinking water. Not only is it good for your skin, but it’s good for your overall health.

Use A New Cleanser

Washing your face with moisture rich cleansers should be your new habit during winter. Some of the cleansers can be quite drying becauase they contain acids that strip your skin.

Look for hydrating toners and cream based cleaners at this time of year.


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