New Lip Shades from Fenty Beauty



Fenty Beauty teased its customers on Instagram this week with an announcement that 14 new lipstick shades were being released on December 26th.  Just in time to wrap up the year and holiday season.

The collection is called Mattemoiselle and features a spectrum of favourite shades including burgundies, reds and nudes.  You’ll also find unexpected, yet bold hues like blue and kelly green.  You can grab your own when the collection is released at 9am EST December 26th online and in Sephora Stores.

Rihanna wears Clapback from the Mattmoiselle collection. (Image: Fenty Beauty) 


Midnight Wasabi from Mattemoiselle collection. (Image: Fenty Beauty}

The launch of Fenty Beauty this fall caused a big shake up in the beauty industry.  Largely because Rihanna is a brand on her own and anything she does in the fashion and beauty business garners attentions.  She was praised for launching a brand that had 40 foundations shades available from very light skin tones to the deepest espresso.

Although there are a few brands that have already been carrying a 40+ shades for several years, including MAC and Makeup Forever, Rihanna’s star power and marketing genius caused the rest of the industry to take notice.  Those who were already carrying a diverse ranges of shades were forced to change their marketing to address the audience they were often neglecting.

Fenty Beauty has already amassed over $72 million in sales since it’s September release and has solidified Rihanna’s power in the beauty business.



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