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I often have readers who follow me on social media ask where they can buy clothes or jewellery I wear. Most of what I wear is my own and not necessarily for sale, but I’ve decided to occasionally share items on the blog that you can buy.

These will be items I am personally selling or partnered with a brand to wear and promote. I’m passionate about supporting women, African artisans and unknown talents. I also love to shop thrift and vintage because many pieces are interesting and different than what’s currently selling in stores.

Most items will have very limited quantities so you have to buy before it’s gone.

That’s definitely the case with these necklaces made by Maasai artisans in Kenya. After spending some time as part of a crew filming a documentary series in Kenya earlier this year, I was fortunate to spend time with members of the Maasai ethnic group and also to shop through their handmade jewellery.

In Maasai culture the various colours have distinct meanings. These are important to them and I thought it would be interesting to share with you.

All of the beads used to make each piece has significance.

  • Red is the most important colour for the Maasai. It represents blood, unity and bravery. The Maasai warriors are expected to wear red, which is sacred and protects them.
  • Black represents the people and the struggles they endure.
  • Yellow is a sign of fertility and growth. It also represents the sun.
  • Orange is for friendship, hospitality, warmth and generosity of the people.
  • Blue represents the sky, rain and is about energy.
  • White represents good health, being pure and having peace.

LIMITED QUANTITIES are available so order now before they’re gone.

The Multi Afiya necklace is a rainbow full of joy. I love the way it pops.

—>Click here to buy.

Click to buy the Multi Afiya Necklace.

The 3-Drop Choker is so modern looking. I love how it combines a choker with the vibrant beaded circles.

—> Click to buy the 3-Drop Choker.

—> Click to buy the 3-Drop Choker.

The Asha necklace’s single strand is a classic. I love its simplicity. You can feel confident wearing this for any occasion.

–>Click here to buy.

—> Click to buy Asha Necklace

The green Afiya necklace is so fresh and bold. You’ll love the way it becomes the statement piece of every outfit.

Don’t you just love it? Also available in black.

—>Click here to buy Green Afiya necklace.

Click to buy Black Afiya Necklace. Black Afiya Necklace.Every detail is hand-beaded, which makes it even more special knowing that your necklace was made with care by a Maasai woman in Kenya. The two strands on the Aziza necklace gives you a little more than the Asha, but less dramatic than the Afiya.

It’s an understated elegance that speaks for itself.

—> Click to buy Orange Aziza Necklace. —> Click to buy Orange Aziza Necklace.


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