How to Wear it Again

Are you that person who’s afraid to be seen in the same dress twice? Especially nowadays when everyone is snapping selfies and group photos to share on various social networks. I’m not. In fact if you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing the same clothes multiple times and didn’t even realize it.

I believe that it’s ok to repeat your outfit. You can wear it the same or mix and match it in a new way.

When it comes to style, almost everything comes back again. That’s why you can dig in your closet and I’m sure you can find something you’ve had awhile, possibly forgot about and still wear it again. There are many classic items that never really go out of style.

Like this dress I’m wearing pictured above for instance. The animal print is one that’s often come and gone with trends, but it’s actually found a way to remain a classic. Since the seventies it seems like we keep seeing it over and over. Especially during the fall season.

When I bought this dress I was working as an Assistant Buyer and had access to sample clothes used in our photo shoots. I bought this sample back then and loved the versatility. I could wear it casual, dressed up or to the office depending on what I wore with it.

This dress is 10 years old.

Your Number 1 Question While Shopping

Ask yourself, “Will I wear this more than once?” If you’re answer is yes then you’re already on the right track.

Now I’m not saying you should never buy clothing you may only wear one time because I’m well aware that certain items like a gown worn to a gala event, won’t have much use after you’ve worn it. At least not for a very long time. This post isn’t about those pieces, but rather other items that you can wear over and over especially when they are classics.

Before you buy make sure you can wear it more than once.

Follow the Care Label

One of the things I pride myself on is taking care of the clothes I have and knowing how to rework something old into my wardrobe. When you follow the instructions on the care labels for laundering your garments, they are more likely to last longer. Particularly if they are made well and with quality fabrics. You can’t expect longevity from some ‘fast fashion’ items that fall apart after a couple of washes.

Don’t Compare

We now live in a world of Instagram where people post outfits daily and we feel a sense of pressure to keep up. I’ve had friends refuse to take photos because they don’t want the same outfit posted again on social media. Myself, I could care less. I believe that it’s ok to repeat the same clothing because after all, you spent your hard earned money, so why not wear it again? Don’t feel like you have to be wearing something new all the time. Especially when you can’t afford it.

Most celebrities and some Social Media Influencers are given free items to post and promote. So it’s easier for them to be seen in new stuff daily.

Don’t break the bank trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’

Choose New Accessories

The easiest way to change the look of your garment is by the accessories you choose. Statement necklaces, earrings and belts are a simple style trick used by professionals to change things up.

Your handbag and shoes are another way to accessorize your oufit. Choosing a bold complementary colour is enough to add something different to your look.


Adding items like blazers, vests or cardigans can change it up too.

I love how a well tailored blazer can work wonders on toning down a dress meant for evening. It takes it down a notch and can make anything look more corporate.

Dress from Tall Girl Shop (now Long Tall Sally), vest Costa Blanca, shoes Aerosoles and purse Forever 21.

See me in this photo above? Snapped 10 years ago when I first bought this dress. The way I wore it back then with a vest layered over made it look like a skirt rather than a dress. It’s so easy to change the look of anything with simple styling.


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